Johnna Sabri has been designing custom and premium wire wrapped jewelry for over 10 years. She was taught her skill by Grammy winning guitarist, Daryl Thompson (Black Uhuru, Peter Tosh, Mishka) and specializes in wire wrapping, weaving, and unique designs.

Johnna works with real crystals and gemstones and provides a variety of base and precious metals for you to choose from including Platinum, Silver, White Gold, Gold filled and base metals such as copper, brass and aluminum.  She can design anything from crowns, wands and jewelry to talismans and home decor energy tools.

Johnna Sabri, also known as The Gem Diva, blogs about crystals, minerals, metals, holistic and metaphysical topics.

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Custom Jewelry Design


Johnna Sabri has been making jewelry since she was 11 but didn’t start wire wrapping until 2007 when she learned how to from Daryl Thompson.

Johnna met Daryl while living in Atlanta and has since lived in Dallas, Houston and now Fayetteville, NC with her husband of almost 5 years.

In Houston, Johnna had The Gem Diva’s Rock Shop & Studio. In Dallas, Johnna managed Skypony Studio before it was closed by the mall they were located in and worked out of that studio. Today, she has an in home studio and has clients all around the world.