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About The Artist

Johnna Sabri is a Shreveport, LA native who moved to Atlanta in 2005 where she met Grammy winning guitarist, Daryl Thompson and, (Black Uhuru’s 1994 album Anthem) who taught her how to wire wrap crystals and mineral into gemstones. He and his family eventually became her own family as Daryl over heard her trying to find her birth father and told her, “I’m your father,” and hugged her.

Since then she’s been experimenting with different styles of wrapping and collecting gems and minerals. She and her husband often collaborate on ideas that involve gems, minerals and designs.

Today, she lives in Baton Rouge and is focusing on her dream to simply use her jewelry as a means to empower everyone whose paths she comes across. We are all here for a reason and we sometimes need to be reminded to believe in ourselves.

Diamonds 4 Her is a line of customized jewelry where each piece is made to order (unless someone purchases an already made piece that is available in the store). 80% of the net profit from each jewelry sale will be donated to a nonprofit charity that helps women in need.

The goal of Diamonds 4 Her is to send a message to women everywhere who are struggling with something: Never Give Up on yourself. Learn more about D4H here

Custom Jewelry Design

You can choose any stone, or if you have your own, Johnna will wrap it for you in your choice of metals ranging from base metals such as aluminum, bronze or copper to precious metals such as 14K Gold and Platinum.

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