Gemstone And Chakra Bracelets

Custom Jewelry Design

Earthy Elegance and Beauty

I listen to every gemstone and crystal to create a unique and one of a kind design that speaks to your soul with earthy elegance and beauty.

Please keep in mind the pricing guide below does not include the cost of the gemstone(s) and that cost will be added into your quote unless you have your own stone you want me to design with.

The metals you have to choose from are:

  • Copper
  • Sterling Silver
  • 14K Gold or 14K Rose Gold filled wire (filled lasts for years while plated washes off in days)
  • 14K Solid Yellow Gold
  • 14K Solid White Gold
  • .950 Platinum





Client Reviews

There is a rare ability to conceive and create a work of art, large or small. The combination of magnificent stones and sinewy embraces of shimmering metals intertwined to create a unique masterpiece of wearable glory is not easily achieved. Johnna Sabri Jewelry attains and surpasses.

Michael David Peschka

Not only does she make beautiful pieces, but she takes time to teach about the gems/stones she uses.

Huniie Parker

The energy and light that goes into every piece is extraordinary!!! 💜💜💜
Very strong and amazing!!!!!

Spyke Stiletto

Store Location: Houston

The Gem Divas’s Rock Shop and Design Studio is located in Houston’s PlazAmerica Mall on the 2nd Level in the Latino City Jewelry Market next to the up escalator (take a left). 

Open daily 11am-7pm.