Aquamarine Healing

A soothing gem that resonates with the frequency of water element as it’s best, Aquamarine is also a gem of courage and self expression.

Healing Crystals For Strains

A few weeks ago, I strained my arm. I am on the path to healing and here are the crystals I used to make my own jazzy brace to go over my ace. So I don’t look so injured and these minerals were used primarily for their healing properties.

Pyrite, The Gem Of Empowerment,

Pyrite is a mineral that is bold, daring and in your face. It’s energy is fierce and loyal. Very much like a Leo: stunning, raw, yet regal. It’s energy surrounds you like a shield that stops negativity in it’s tracks. It shows you how to be lucky by instilling that confidence that attracts abundance.

Chakra Balancing Wand with Citrine

I had fun making this beauty. She’s a wand with copper, citrine and a few other crystals. Ideally used for reiki, energy clearing, any type of energy work and chakra balancing.

Moldavite: Gemstone from the Stars

I would like to share with you what got me into working with crystals and minerals and let me to the path of making jewelry from them. This one crystal changed my life forever. And I am very grateful.

I Bet You Didn’t Know Glass Could Do This

Many consider glass jewelry as fake but did you glass has it’s own unique healing properties? It focuses on deflection of negative energy. I bet you didn’t know you have an energetic powerhouse in  your home! Your windows, mirrors, cups, anything can be used to amplify good energy and deflect the unwanted.

Green Fluorite Focuses on Healing The Heart

Green Fluorite is a Gentle Heart Healer Green fluorite is a gem that focuses on the heart chakra and the aura. It helps you to heal from all types of emotional and heart issues from actual disease to energetic imbalances.   It detoxes while enhancing intuition….

Quartz: The Master Healer

Quartz has a unique geometrical signature that empowers it to be very versatile with multiple healing properties and it is the most abundant mineral on this planet.

Healing Properties of Phenakite

A Soul Healing Gem That Takes You On A Trip   Phenakite, also spelled Phenacite, is a beryllium silicate that may be yellow, pink, white or red, clear or colorless. It usually forms in a hexagonal crystal structure and sometimes short prisms

I have been wirewrapping gemstones into jewelry for over 10 years. I studied under Daryl Thompson, a musician who won a Grammy for his skills on the guitar.

I design with copper, silver, 14K Gold and 14K Rose Gold. Options in 14K Solid Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold and Platinum are available.

Writing was my first love. It’s my main way of expressing myself and putting together this blog of crystals and jewelry is a way for me to showcase my creations and continue to learn about the amazing energies of crystals.


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The Gem Diva's Jewelry Club

The Gem Diva's Jewelry Club


The Gem Diva’s Jewelry Club is an affordable way to grow your handmade wire jewelry collection.

I love making jewelry and want to spread the love and light through my creations.

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About Johnna Sabri

About Johnna Sabri

The Gem Diva

Welcome! I have been wire wrapping jewelry with gems and minerals for 10 years. I am a full time artist, once owned a cozy rock shop until we (my husband and I) decided to take on a new adventure in our life, and have a huge collection of gems, minerals and my own jewelry line.


My goal is to educate you about healing crystals, spirituality (the science, not religious parts), and dress you up in stunning handmade jewelry that is seeded with divine love.

More Than Jewelry–A Way Of Life

Why are rubies prized? Why is Lapis mentioned in the Bible. Why did the Sumerians talk about beings coming for gold? Why is silver marketed as a supplement (colloidal silver)?

Answer: because minerals and metals from the earth heal our bodies, and help us on a spiritual level.

Spirituality is not religious. Many get those two confused. You don’t change your religion to go to the doctor (who will prescribe pills which are made up of chemicals which come from the earth).

Auras, chakras, energy and frequencies are all spiritual aspects of the being. Crystals, minerals, metals, jewelry all resonate at various frequencies that help us in our day to day lives.

Green fluorite helps you recover from illness. It boosts your immune system. Black tourmaline blocks EMFs coming from your phone (you know, that stuff you can’t see that doctors say cause cancer).

Who I Am

I am an empath. I can feel energy. Empaths are super sensitive to all energy. It’s why so many are depressed or stressed. The energy of water makes me feel high. Yes, like I am so happy and buzzed from it that I could just float away in my mind. When people are fighting, it crushes me because I feel the energies of each party.

This blog started out as a way for me to learn healing crystals. As a jewelry designer, I need to know what I’m selling, right? However I’ve learned so much about myself, the tools I work with and this is where I share my knowledge with you as I continue to grow.

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