About Johnna Sabri


Johnna Crider Sabri is a Shreveport, LA native who moved to Atlanta in 2005 where she met Grammy winning guitarist, Daryl Thompson and, (Black Uhuru’s 1994 album Anthem) who taught her how to wire wrap crystals and mineral into gemstones. He and his family eventually became her own family as Daryl over heard her trying to find her birth father and told her, “I’m your father,” and hugged her.

Since then she’s been experimenting with different styles of wrapping and collecting gems and minerals. She and her husband often collaborate on ideas that involve gems, minerals and designs. She moved to Dallas from Atlanta in 2012 where she met her husband, worked with a local artist and opened her own jewelry store that later closed due to the mall closing.

In 2017 Johnna and her husband took a wild shot on Houston where, by a stroke of luck, they were not in the city when Hurricane Harvey hit and Johnna managed to take her jewelry making supplies and a large chunk of her inventory with her on their trip to North Carolina where they ended up staying after losing everything else.


In 2018, Johnna and her husband faced several emergencies that landed her in Atlanta for a few short months before moving on to Baton Rouge, LA, where she and a good friend plan to open another small store.  Her main goal is to use her jewelry to remind others to believe in themselves, a message she was reminded by simply watching an interview with Elon Musk, who shared her open letter to him via Twitter on Memorial Day.

People who inspire Johnna are Daryl Thompson, who taught her jewelry and each piece she creates is a work of art that honors him. She is also inspired by Elon Musk, Prince Ea, Alex Boye, Darude, Linkin Park, Malala, Joanna Ballard, and of course her loving husband, Mo Sabri.

Johnna loves to write about jewelry, gemstones, minerals, and people doing good things.