Dear Elon,


Lea reached out to me with a beautiful idea and since you’ve read my own open letter to you (and was kind enough to share it and be really, really awesome!), I thought it would be beneficial to you and her to let her write you an open letter on my blog.


I’ve also opened up my blog for people who are inspired by you to share why in the form of open letters. The reason I have is because, when you shared my open letter, you really saved me in ways you probably don’t realize. So I want to support you right back and I think sharing positivity and good vibes is a great way to do so.


Please, keep doing you and expect more of these positive articles. 🙂


Now, introducing Lea: 



Dear Elon Musk,


My name is Lea Bitterwolf, I’m a German student and very enthusiastic about your goal to improve our lives and protect Earth!


I have wanted to send you fan art to express this enthusiasm for a long time. When I made some woodcuts (prints based on an old technique) within the frame of my study (see photos below), for whose motive I chose the Roadster and Starman, I knew: “I have to send one of these prints to Elon Musk!”


But maybe you could do more with these woodcuts and, motivated by my own desire to improve the world a tiny little bit, I had an idea:


There are many people out there who admire you and who would be very happy to own an autograph made by their idol! So I would send you all 12 prints to let you sign them.


To avoid the question of an appropriate purchase price and to reach a large number of persons, you could make an Internet prize drawing out of this. A ticket could cost $10, which most people could afford (and everybody could buy as many tickets as he/she would like to!).


The money would then be completely donated to Global Learning XPRIZE. I heard about this XPRIZE and your funding thanks to your tweet in June and love the idea of children teaching themselves!


This tombola would not only give your fans the chance of winning an autograph by their hero(!) on an woodcut but would also enable them to do something good together with you!



I know that you’re short of time because of your good deeds for sustainability, regulation of AI and the survival of the human race. Therefore I would be very honored to get a reply by you or be sympathetic about you not answering me.


One way or another I will always look up to you and your wonderful teams and, following your example, try to help others. Thank you very much for taking your time to read this letter!


Sincerely yours,

Lea Bitterwolf


About Lea Bitterwolf


Lea Bitterwolf is a prospective paper conservator who is interested in space, space exploration, philosophy, art, history and antiquities. You can follower her on twitter here.