Aquamarine Heals With The Energy Of Water

Aquamarine is a gemstone variety of beryl, the same mineral that is morganite, emerald, heliodor, and alexandrite. It’s often a pale blue to pale blue-green gemstone that literally looks like a piece of water if it were a crystal.

The above aquamarine is designed with 14K gold filled wire. It literally looks like a wire wrapped of water.

The Ocean’s Energy

Aquamarine resonates with the element of water, especially the ocean. It helps you to connect with the soothing energies of water that is stable: such as calmness and peace.

Water can be volatile (emotional people) and aquamarine will balance that with the right energetic vibration. Aquamarine also promotes protection while traveling on or near water.


Courage & Expression

Aquamarine is a gem of courage and self expression. It’ helps you to be true to yourself, express yourself and do so fearlessly. It’s opens you up to wisdom as you gain knowledge. It helps you look at emotional situations from a different, more calmer perspective and to come up with quick solutions.

This gem is both a heart and throat chakra stone. Calming emotions and helping you speak clearly, this stone lends that soothing energy that water is known for into any situation.


Meditation with Aquamarine helps bring clarity of mind and focus. It will help open the communication between your conscious and unconscious or higher self. Affirm that “I am Light, I am focused, I am clarity, I am at peace” several times while holding your aquamarine.

About Johnna Sabri

About Johnna Sabri

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