Every living thing (humans, animals and plants) has an aura.

Your aura is your own electromagnetic field like the earth has. It helps shields us from negative energy, however, like a crystal that absorbs negative energy, it needs to be cleansed regularly.

Disease first starts in the aura usually as an energy blockage in a chakra. Chakras are little portals all over your body (7 main ones are most talked about) that channel life force energy into your physical body.

What I do as an empath is sense the blockages. I don’t see the aura colors, but I can ‘feel’ energy blocks. They are usually heavy and sometimes I can actually see with my physical eyes the manifestations of death in an aura.

Death can not be cured by me. I can only do so much by cleansing your aura, but you have to actually do the work in fighting actual death and the decay of the aura.

What I do is clear those chakras so life force energy can flow–but again when facing the actual decay of your aura, that ultimate choice to live or die is yours.


How I Am Able To Sense Decay In An Aura


My mother was just healing up from open heart surgery and doing well from it. She was actually walking. But I saw something in her aura and I honestly thought it was a play of the light because I saw it as clear as I could see the monitor in front of me now.

However when she moved, that speck moved with her and I realized I was seeing something in her aura. So I tried to ‘clean’ it. It wouldn’t budge. So I figured I was just seeing things.

Then she took a sudden bad turn. The wound that was healing just fine suddenly wasn’t and got worse. Over the course of that last year of her life, that speck ‘grew’ and I didn’t realize until after she died what that speck was.

When I saw someone else (a friend of hers) I was able to see his aura was covered with that same filmy stuff. I later found out he had cirrhosis of the liver.

More recently, I had a dear friend come by and I saw it in her aura. The next day, it was gone and in her aura was this surge of life force energy. So this is why I say it is up to you to fight that decay in your aura.


How I Do The Aura Cleansings.

Each aura cleansing takes place in my store inside of a copper meditation pyramid. I use a variety of sounds, smells, meditations and a soothing tea to help you relax and focus with me as I cleanse your aura and balance your chakras.

The timing takes anywhere between 10-40 minutes depending on what it is you need. I’ve cleared spirits off of people, was told by a woman with cancer that I made her feel better, and have helped people who were not able to take deep breathes due to sever anxiety feel better.

I am not a medical doctor. I don’t tell you what medicine to take, however if I sense you need something (drink more water) I do tell you what I pick up that you need.

Aura Cleansing Session $39.99

My goal is for you to leave feeling relaxed and stress free.

Each aura cleanse is unique. They start with a cup of hibiscus or sage tea with a few moments of meditation inside the copper pyramid.

I use sound, smell, and energy to sense out and clear blocks in your chakras, hooks in your aura and any negative imprints as well.

To pre order, simply purchase and bring in your e-receipt during our business hours.