Adjustable Pyrite Bracelet $4.99

This bracelet is made with copper and is adjustible.

The gemstone bead is Pyrite.

Pyrite is a mineral that is known for being a stone of abundance, luck, prosperity and protection.

Pyrite shields you from negative energy of all kinds. Pyrite blocks energy leaks and heals auric tears.

Emerald Bracelet $49.00

This is a cut and faceted emerald but unpolished which gives it an earthy feel. It is made with copper and Sterling Silver

Emerald is known as the gemstone of successful love as it opens up your heart chakra for heart healing. It is also a gem of prosperity and abundance.

Chakra Wire Wrapped Copper Adjustable Cuff $33.00

This adjustable cuff doubles as a bracelet or arm band depending on your arm size.

It is raw copper–has not been treated or coated so add clear nail polish if you don’t like the turning of your skin to green. Copper does that to draw toxins out of your body.

This cuff has the 7 chakra colors with dyed Howlite beads and 2 Copper plated Hematite beads for decoration and grounding.

Balance your chakras and bedazzle.

Adjustable Sterling Silver Ring $26

This ring fits up to a size 8 and is made from Sterling Silver.

I styled a simple yet elegant wire weave that ends in two swirlies and you can wear it with the weave on top or bottom for a unique look.

Custom Designed Earrings $25 and up

Custom Designed Pendants $46 and up

Create Your Custom Pendant

Custom Designed Bracelets $88 and up

Custom DesignedRings $66 and up

Create Your Custom Rings

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