How Is Your Life Right Now?


Millions in Puerto Rico are displaced. Durban, SA just had a huge storm with devastating losses. Fires, quakes and storms seemed to be the topics of the fall, 2017.

In August, our truck was stolen. We had just moved to Houston to try out a new city. My business was slow to the point that we were almost starving. My husband, a bachelor holding former head of design at the University of Dubai, was having no luck in his field in Dallas. So we tried Houston.

Every day I kept giving thanks. My mantra was the song by DJ Khaled and Sizzla and I made that my prayer. Every day I made just enough to cover food, electric or a bill. When my husband had to have emergency back surgery, the $19K bill was taken care of by a charity.

That day of the surgery, he went into the ER and told me while I was at the store. He came home and told me about the surgery. Everything happens so fast when it is meant to be.

When a job opportunity came for my husband in North Carolina we took it. We made arrangements to get the rest of our belongings that we couldn’t take with us on the Greyhound.

Not even a week later our apartment was underwater. Hurricane Harvey was a monster that devastated much of the Houston area.

The lyric from Alex Boye in his song, Celebrate rang very true to that situation: “When you give love, the Universe will find a way to change your fate,”

If we would have been in Houston, we would have truly lost everything and maybe our own lives.

That’s one of the reasons why I choose to celebrate.


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There’s A Reason Why We Celebrate


One of my favorite artist’s, Alex Boye, just came out with this beautiful song back in September and I am just now getting to it. I’ve been stuck on DJ Khaled’s song Grateful with Sizzla and a few more of Alex’s videos. So I’m a little late to the game (but I’m here!)

Some of you may have been through the wringer–lost everything. Maybe some of you are in Puerto Rico right now waiting in line for a bottle of water and hoping that you’ll survive this day.

I’m celebrating because you’re still breathing. I’m still breathing. We are still here, and we do have the ability to change our situation. It all starts with perception.

If’ you’ve lost everything, give thanks for your life. It doesn’t matter what religion you are–the vibrational frequency of gratitude will attract abundance. It’s all based upon your frequency.

People are saying they are sick of thoughts and prayers. I’m not because those are loaded with positive vibrational frequencies. Even prayer is a frequency.


Frequency vs. Religion


What is frequency? What does it mean and how does it play into our lives?

According to Merriam-Webster, Frequency is:

“The rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, either in a material (as in sound waves), or in an electromagnetic field (as in radio waves and light), usually measured per second.”

That’s just one of their core definitions depending on how the word is used in grammar.

Basically, when you tap your finger at a certain pace, you create a frequency. When people pray, they create frequencies. The more people praying at the same time, the more frequencies created.

In Islam, the name of God, Allah, has a certain frequency. It has a similar frequency to the incantation, Om. The sound of Om, many believe, is a simple incantation to pay homage to the powers that allow the very existence (God, the Universe, etc), making it primordial.

In Christianity, the Bible says, “There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” Proverbs 12:18

When you speak you not only vocalize your thoughts, but you energize those thoughts with sound frequencies. Add in emotion and it amplifies it more. Wear a certain crystal (quartz or moldavite) and you become an energetic powerhouse for that frequency.

Why? Because every time you say anything, you create movement within the atoms of your body. And depending on the energy frequency of that thought you are speaking, it can be either positive or negative.

The Law Of Attraction says that like attracts like. So when you complain of everything bad in your life, you are not only seeing only the bad, but you are attracting it more.

Mom always said worrying was like asking God for trouble. When you worry, you only see problems and tend to overlook the solutions.

Sometimes It’s Really Hard To Celebrate


“I’ve just lost my home, I can’t afford to throw a party,” someone told me. You don’t need to throw a party. Celebrating means doing something for you.

It means choosing you first. It means giving thanks to our Creator for your life. It means overcoming self hatred (many suffer from this) one step at a time. It means choosing to celebrate. It is a choice.

There are many ways to celebrate even if you are down in the dumps. Even if you have clinical depression–remember it’s all in the frequency. Diseases have frequencies, too, that can be balanced by their opposite frequencies.

Listen to uplifting music. Alex Boye has so many positive videos with phrases such as “Draw me back like and arrow and shoot me to the stars” or “You can be bitter or better,” or “Love each other”.

I Am That I Am


“I Am” are the two most powerful words in any language when they are put together. They dictate your life according to your free will. What do you want to be, do or say? Focus on that and not the problems.

Here are some I Am and positive affirmations that you can use while listing to Celebrate (video below).

celebrate life meme


I Am the light that shines at night

I am still breathing

I am in control

I Am Love and I conquer hate

I Am one with the Universe (God, etc).

I Am able to change my fate

I Am grateful that I can celebrate my life


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Johnna Sabri is a mineral, gem and crystal collector and wire artist. She loves experimenting with different styles of wrapping and collecting gems and minerals. Her work has been modeled by GA State University students in one of their annual fashion shows.

Johnna has also served customers all around the world including Dubai, Finland, The Philippines, Australia, Canada, the UK, China, and Hong Kong as well as people in every US state.

She learned her craft from Grammy winning guitarist, Daryl Adonis Thompson, son of Eli “Lucky” Thompson, the saxophonist who played with Dizzy Gillespie and Isaac Hayes. Daryl was well known in the Little 5 Points Atlanta community as a master at his craft. Read more on Johnna here