Chakra Balancing Wand With Citrine $49

I made this wand with a copper tubing pipe (sawed it and filed it down by hand), citrine, rose quartz, howlite, selenite and amber.

Wand Details:

The wand is made with a natural citrine point. Citrine brings about joy, is a form of quartz which amplifies energy, is protective against negative energy and even brings about abundance.


Inside the wand, I put a natural piece of selenite, in it’s wand form with amber. Selenite will detach any negative entity and auric hook from the aura. Amber clears up the environment.

Chakra Beads are made from dyed howlite. Howlite brings about peace of mind, calmness and relaxation. Each color represents a chakra and using the science of color therapy, will balance the associated chakra.

Tree of Life symbolizes a fresh start, luck, growth and renewal as well as a bright future.

Ideal Uses

The main use is for chakra balancing and clearing, aura cleansing. Any Reiki practitioner can use it in their work or any spiritual healer can as well.

Anyone who doesn’t do spiritual work but who is learning would be an ideal candidate because this wand is such a personal tool and will help them keep their chakras balanced and their space cleared.

This wand is also great for space clearing as it has amber and selenite in it which together wards of negative energy and clears your immediate environment.

The wand will be cleansed, blessed and activated before shipped.

I only have one of this type available for now, but can also make one custom to your needs. Click here to buy this one for $49.

About Johnna Sabri

About Johnna Sabri

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