Charlottesville: A City Fallen To Nazi Terrorism And White Supremacy

The events in Charlottesville hit me hard this weekend. I know this is normally a jewelry and spiritual blog, but this hits home for me. I am white, raised to be Christian and these terrorists who are white and Christian are killing people.

They look like me, advocate for hatred and racial superiority. Yes, we white folks do have privilege. I  am using mine to spread my truth and to help others when I can.

These people would have my husband killed because he is Muslim. These people have the same mentality of Isis members: if you are not one of us then you need to die.


Charlottesville Hypocrisy


A few months ago in London, Isis members rammed vehicles into crowds in London, Stockholm, and other places across Europe.

White Christians updated their profile pictures with “Pray for London,” etc.

This weekend, in Charlottesville, VA, white Christians did the same thing to people who were protesting their hatred. You see, white Christians support the KKK and Nazi terrorism.

Not all white Christians, but please note I will be using that term to describe these terrorist because Muslims are used to describe Isis members when not all Muslims are members of Isis.

If Barack Obama were still president, he would have been much more graceful and stood up for those attacked. Trump said, we must unite as one meaning that those attacked must deal with it. As if it’s the status quo.

This is not the America I was taught to believe in. The America I was taught to believe in was a place where all can be equal. Dr. King fought hard for this and so have many others like Malcolm X.

I was in a bubble for a long period of time thinking that we were finally ahead. Then I started seeing in my Facebook feeds from friends who were intelligent, smart, and good people, posts that were supporting Trump, a man who says, “Grab em by the pussy”.

They are devout followers of him, with posts saying “Finally, God is back in the White House” or “God chose Trump to take our country back”

Honestly, I do not want to go back. I don’t want to go back to slavery, war and bloodshed, but these people do. These people who I thought were good people believe that white is the supreme race and all others must either fall in line or die.

They don’t see that they are prime candidates for Isis.

And the irony is they all worship the same god: Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh. Same dude. Three religions.


So where do white people get this “white supremacy” mentality from?


I have a theory of my own. Hitler believed in the Aryan race. The Aryans were pure and he believed that blonde haired blue eyed people were their descendants.

Sounds nuts, I know. But he was onto something. However, he was eaten up with self hatred because he wasn’t blonde or blue eyed and that self hatred killed millions in the second world war.

Zecheria Stichin translated the Sumerian tablets which date further back than Gensis of the Bible. In these tablets the Sumerians worshiped a sect of gods known as the Annunaki, those who came from heaven to the earth.

They were blonde haired and blue eyed folk. They were the supreme race. They came to earth to mine for gold and other minerals and had a servent caste, the Igigi do the work. But these Igigi didn’t want to work so they quit.

The Annunaki princes were Enki and Enlil (in my opinion Lucifer and God). Enki came up with an idea to create humans as slaves. He tested and tested. In fact, the Book of Enki is a tablet that details his thoughts on the process.

Long story short, the two brothers hated one another and Enlil was always trying to destroy Enki’s creation. There are other books and sources I draw my theories from, but my thoughts are that this supreme race came from Enki from when he mated with a lovely human female and had Atom (the Adam you know of from the Bible).

And that race spawned the bloodline of Jesus.


So What Does This Have To Do With Charlottesville?


According to the Sumerian tablets, these gods, the Elohim, (The original Hebrew Translation says, “Let Us create man in Our Image”) ¬†created all of us as slaves except for a few favorites who were of the bloodline of Enki.

Or chosen ones. These favorites where white and carried the RH negative bloodline. Meaning their blood didn’t have the Rhesus Monkey DNA.

These people are the “pure descendants” or the Aryans that Hitler was trying to find, I think. I could be wrong on this, after all it IS just a theory.

However, Nazism has been passed down from generation to generation and the Nazi symbol, the swastika, is actually an ancient religious symbol used in India–where those Aryans where thought to be.

In fact, I’ve stumbled upon one theory where Jesus was with those Yogis in India from the time of his birth to his ministry.

The point is that white people long for their divinity~ to be acknowledge as the supreme race. Well, not all white people because this one writing this blog post knows that EVERYONE is Divine. We just have to choose it.

We have the option to chose our divinity or to reject it. White, black, Arab, it doesn’t matter.


Your Thoughts?


These are just my theories and thoughts. I don’t condone terrorism of any kind and anyone supporting white supremacy is a terrorist. However, they were taught this way.

Remember: we have 1.8 Billion Muslims in the world. If each of those Muslims were to kill 2 people, we would have a 50% worldwide population decrease. So no, Muslims are not trying to kill you.

What are your thoughts on these theories? I would love to see an open conversation here.

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About Johnna Sabri

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