Diamonds for Her


black diamond ringEmpowering Women Who Are Struggling

When I think of Diamonds for Her, I think of my mother, who survived multiple hardships and trauma against all odds. What would have happened if someone gave her a diamond ring as a symbol of hope? She probably would have sold it to put food on the table–and that’s okay.

The idea is to give hope to women who are like my mother was. It doesn’t matter if they sell it–the diamond jewelry represent a reminder of hope in that moment of time. Whether it’s a ring, bracelet, earrings or pendant, it’s something that says, “Hang in there and persevere you are here for a reason. You DO matter,”

With Diamonds for Her, you have options.

Diamonds For Her will benefit the women wearing the jewelry, but the message will also go further beyond. You have many options when empowering others but when you request a custom design from the Diamonds For Her Line, you get a unique, one of a kind custom designed jewelry piece that benefits a nonprofit organization empowering women. You will get a copy of the donation receipt (the receipt a nonprofit gives to it’s donors for tax purposes) for your records.

80% of the profits from each sale of a custom jewelry design from the Diamonds For Her line will benefit a charity/nonprofit. Examples of nonprofits are the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children, The Atlanta Women’s Foundation, Refugee Women’s Network and Every Woman Works, Inc.


The Design


I chose raw uncut diamonds because of their affordability, availability, and uniqueness. Many people have cut and faceted diamonds and even prefer it–but there is something unique and inspiring about the diamond in it’s raw state.

It doesn’t sparkle, shine or make a loud statement. Instead, it’s a small, silent whisper of perseverance and a gentle reminder of your strength. Set in your choice of Sterling Silver, 14K Gold or 14K Rose Gold filled wire, 14K Yellow or White Gold, or .950 Platinum, each peace will be designed with a unique wire weaving detail by hand by me.

Gold filled wire will last years compared to gold plated due to the process in how the metals are bonded together. You get way more gold with filled wire than with plated as well.

You also have gifting options. You can buy something for someone you wish to bring hope to, or you can simply have one made and donated. If you choose this second option, I will select either someone I know who is struggling or a nonprofit that helps homeless women in the city of your choice and plan a fundraiser to raise funds for their services. This second option will be a very involved process and you will be updated every step of the way.


Begin Your Journey In Empowering Others.

The form below will help you decide what type of metal and diamond you want so I can can get a base estimate of the cost. The form below also requests your email and phone so I can contact you to plan the design for your piece, the person or nonprofit you wish to empower and go from there.