Howlite Hand Earrings $10

These earrings are made with howlite and the hand symbol.

The hand symbol is ancient and many cultures use it. Howlite brings peace of mind and calmness to one’s being.

Sunstone Earrings $10

Sunstone is a gem of joy and happiness. It pushes away depression and instills the joy of living.

Pearl and Howlite Heart Earrings $10

Delicate pearl and howlite heart earrings for that ultra feminine look.

These earrings are great with any event. Howlite promotes peace of mind and pearl is that ultra elegance.

Custom Designed Earrings $25 and up

Custom Designed Pendants $46 and up

Create Your Custom Pendant

Custom Designed Bracelets $88 and up

Custom DesignedRings $66 and up

Create Your Custom Rings

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