Diamonds get a bad rep.

diamond ring by johnna sabri jewelry

white diamond ring in sterling silver wire

They are known as pricey and some are even known as blood diamonds because of all the horrifying treatments of the miners who get them for us.  But did you know that Diamonds are one of the strongest energy amplifiers and protectors and that they attract abundance?


With that being said, you have the power to reverse that horror (energy that is associated with the Diamond)  with the Diamond itself.


Diamonds are known to amplify energy, especially thought energy. Give them a good energetic cleansing and while holding the diamond, simply ask Spirit, God, or whoever you believe in to bless the people who were involved in getting that diamond to you.

diamond ring by johnna sabri jewelry

Black diamond ring in 14K yellow gold filled wire and sterling silver wire


Do this every day, or as often as you feel like you need to and know that the prayer you just sent out will manifest into a blessing for all involved in getting that diamond to you.


Black diamonds help you to see illusions–even those little lies you tell yourself. Oh it’s not that many calories, oh, he really didn’t mean that–it will bring any situation that needs to be resolved to light and be a good strength of support as all Diamonds are the toughest gemstone.


The Price.

diamond ring by johnna sabri jewelry

Black diamond designed with 14K Rose Gold filled wire

Believe it or not, Diamonds don’t have to be tens of thousands to millions. Sure there are plenty there are but there is grace in the raw, uncut Diamond. She is in her natural element and still shines brightly.


With Copper, a pair of Diamond earrings will only cost you $25 (based on my pricing scale for custom jewelry).


The Diamonds I have are very small but are unique in their own form. They dazzle in their own little way while also providing a shield for the mind, amplifying your thoughts or energy. Diamonds are protective little minerals that will attract abundance as well. All the images in this post are examples of my designs with Diamonds. 


About the Author


Johnna Sabri is a mineral, gem and crystal collector and wire artist. She loves experimenting with different styles of wrapping and collecting gems and minerals. Her work has been modeled by GA State University students in one of their annual fashion shows.

Johnna has also served customers all around the world including Dubai, Finland, The Philippines, Australia, Canada, the UK, China, and Hong Kong as well as people in every US state.

She learned her craft from Grammy winning guitarist, Daryl Adonis Thompson, son of Eli “Lucky” Thompson, the saxophonist who played with Dizzy Gillespie and Isaac Hayes. Daryl was well known in the Little 5 Points Atlanta community as a master at his craft. Read more on Johnna here