Opalite, Howlite, and copper plated Hematite bracelet $15.99

This gemstone bracelet is made with Opalite, Howlite and copper plated Hematite for a fiery, yet soothing energy.

These gems together help you to communicate freely while being at peace with who you truly are

Opalite, Chrysocolla, and Tourmailated Quartz $15.99

This gem bracelet is made with Tourmilated Quartz, Chrysocolla, and Opalite.

This trio promotes communication and protection.

Chrysocolla is soothing and calming and treats both heart and throat chakras while Tourmilated Quartz has black Tourmaline in it and amplifies protection from all negative energy.

Opalite is a stone of communication and strength.

Aromatherapy Gem Bracelet with Amethyst $15.99

This gem bracelet has Lava beads which you can add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil and it will hold the smell for over a week.

Amethyst and Fluorite are also mixed in and together these gems create an auric shield while you dive into your intuitive gifts.

Amethyst is calming and opens you to your gifts, Lava beads are grounding and Fluorite stimulates your third eye chakra.

Lapis is also in the mix and is known as a psychic protector (protecting you from negative vibes from thoughts), prosperity and balancing your throat chakra.

Mens Bracelet: Blue Goldstone, Orange Howlite, and Copper plated Hematite $15.99

This gem bracelet fits a large wrist and has orange dyed Howlite, Blue Goldstone and Copper Plated Hematite.

This bracelet is all about balancing your intuition with creative life force energy.

Blue Goldstone is known for stimulating your intuition while Orange dyed Howlite stimulates your creativity.

Copper Plated Hematite is grounding while filled with that fiery energy of copper which helps you to absorb the energies of the bracelet as a whole.

Buddha Gemstone Bracelet $15.99

This gemstone bracelet is made with dyed Howlite beads shaped as Buddha.

Buddha simply means enlightened one and his teachings are about wisdom. This bracelet is best used as a visual reminder to remain wise in all of your decisions and interactions with others.

The round beads are made from glass, which is a mineral made from silica, a form of quartz.

Pink Agate, Quartz and Opalite Gemstone Bracelet $15.99

This gemstone bracelet is made with Opalite, Pink Agate (dyed) and clear Quartz.

Together these gems promote emotional wellbeing, stability, clear and concise communication that is grounded in love, and clarity of the mind.

Jasper, Chrysocolla, and Copper Plated Hematite Gem Bracelet $15.99

This gem bracelet is a cool mineral mix of Chrysocolla, Copper plated Hematite, and Jasper (dyed to match Chrysocolla).

Jasper is a nurturing stone, Chrysocolla is calming and soothing, Copper Plated Hematite is grounding, yet the copper adds in a fiery energy that actually balances the calming Chrysocolla

Together, these gems promote calmness while being balanced by energy; promotes a sense of strength and balance.

Chakra Bracelet with Blue Goldstone, Onyx, and copper plated Hematite

This gemstone bracelet is a Chakra balancing bracelet that has the extra fiery energy of the copper plated Hematite and the intuitive Blue Goldstone to enhance your intuition.

The Chakra beads are dyed Howlite and are spaced with Onyx.

Altogether this bracelet will balance your chakras, keep you grounded, yet connected with your inner guidance with a deep peace of mind.

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