How To Feel Gratitude


Gratitude is not a feeling but a choice. It’s a decision you make every day just like eating ice cream or going to the gym. For every action, there is a reaction (Karma) and when you choose to be grateful, the Universe, God, or whoever you believe in will respond.

May think that giving thanks means that you humble yourself because you are not worthy. In fact, you are worthy. Society teaches us that we are in sin, undeserving, etc, but the truth is that we are worthy and deserving.

Being grateful opens doors that you would not believe could be opened.  You may say, “But I’ve lost my job, why should I give thanks?”

Giving thanks isn’t about ignoring the fact that you just lost your job. Giving thanks is acknowledging that. You lost something that you didn’t need. Yes, I said it. That job that you probably hated anyway was something that you didn’t need.

If you give thanks and understand the science of Karma, you will KNOW that something better is coming to you and this knowing is unlocked by the action of choosing gratitude over fear.

How To Become Grateful


First you must learn that “I Am” are the two most powerful words in any language. When you state , “I Am” you are making a very powerful statement.

“I Am Broke” This statement has a very negative energetic impact on your life as a whole. It makes you see what you don’t have and that energy will just attract more of that same type.

“I AM Grateful for the opportunities that are coming my way” This statement will not only help you feel better than the first statement, but it will start a new program in your mind: a program that will scan for those opportunities and subconsciously bring them to light.

The words, I Am, create a sense of truth, of knowing. And it states that truth. Negative statements can be reversed or balanced with positive ones. Creating this habit will help you change your thinking from negative to positive.

Second, think of something you love. Or someone you love. Just think of this one thing and see yourself happy. Give thanks for that moment, feeling, person, or thing. Savor that moment. Make a daily practice of this.

Soon you will see that you will find more things to be grateful for and the act of choosing gratitude over fear will come as naturally as breathing.

Remember, November isn’t the only time to practice this. This should be a daily thing.

A great song to help you get into the mood is DJ Khaled’s Grateful. 

About The Author

Johnna Crider Sabri is a jewelry designer who works with real crystals and gemstones.

She was taught her craft by Grammy Award Winning Guitarist, Daryl Thompson (son of Eli “Lucky” Thompson) who also set her on her path to the development of her individual gifts.

As an Empath, Johnna is able to sense the unique energy of each crystal she works with and design it in such a way that the style compliments the crystal.

Johnna has been designing wire wrap jewelry for 10 years (started in 2007) and is always tweaking her unique styles.

Her work has placed her on the paths of many who need more than jewelry and that’s what this blog is about: shining a positive beam of light into the world. Read her full bio here. 

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