Hi All,
My name is Michael Molinaro. Before I get into telling you more about myself and my story, I feel
it’s only necessary that I express my sincerest thanks to Johnna for giving me the opportunity to
be featured on her site and be willing to help me along my own personal journey. She was obviously
under no obligation to say yes, and yet was extremely kind enough to help, and for that I’m truly grateful.
I’m a writer from Canada, who began writing after my cancer diagnosis in my early 20’s. Becoming a writer
had never actually been part of my career plan or even within any realm of my intention while growing up.
This is actually a dream that was put into me after I was sick. I always enjoyed some aspect of writing in
my life, but I never really envisioned myself writing any books. While in remission, is when I started to really
take the idea of becoming a writer more seriously and started to write. I discovered that it was truly something
I love and that I’m passionate about, and today it’s everything that I’ve been working so incredibly hard towards.
I now share my story with others in hopes to inspire others to truly live a life of gratitude, and to pursue their dreams
as I have done. If you are coming across this, and you happen to follow me on twitter or Instagram, you would also
know that I often post much about mental health issues, as I have also suffered from mental health issues in the past.
Yes, I have dealt with my own personal issues of anxiety and depression and have first hand experience with suffering
from mental health. I’ve had quite a journey in my life, dealing from anxiety, to depression, to Cancer, and yet I keep
moving forward and try to live as positively as I can despite all the obstacles that have been thrown my way in life. In a way, they
have served to teach me one of the greatest lessons of all, and that is having compassion for the sufferings of others.

I would be grateful to anyone out there who is willing to take the time to read my books. I genuinely hope that my books
give you a new perspective of life, and that they truly help you in some way. I want my books to instill one of the most
important things in you, and that is developing a sense of GRATITUDE. Gratitude is something that I have never truly understood
before I got sick. In fact, I was very unappreciative of life, before my cancer diagnosis. I never truly understood how precious the
moments we have on this earth really are and I took many things for granted. This is why I say that cancer, was a blessing in disguise
because it truly opened my eyes to a new way of viewing of the world.


**Note from Johnna**
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Michael Molinaro is  a Fitness enthusiast, Writer and Firm Believer in Christ. His  work can be found on Instagram, Medium, Twittter, Youtube. You can follow him on Twitter here.