I strained my arm a couple of weeks ago…

And the pain was getting worse. I wrapped it with an ace, but I used a few healing crystals to help my arm:

  • Hematite
  • Rainbow Hematite
  • Copper Plated Hematite
  • Chrysocolla
  • Turquoise
  • Quartz

And a whole lotta copper.

Hematite reduces pain and inflammation. Copper helps with the swelling and speeds up healing. Turquiose and Chrysocolla have high amounts of copper, soothe stress and pain relief.

About 2 weeks ago I strained a muscle in my right arm. It’s gotten worse so instead of buying a $40 brace I made one with minerals that reduce pain and imflammation. 12ga Copper with quartz, rainbow Hematite, copper plated hematite, matted Hematite. Faceted Hematite, Turquoise, and chrysocolla. Both turquoise and chrysocolla have a high concentrate of copper. Hematite is a blood cleanser, reduces pain, anemia, helps red blood cells form, helps regenerate tissue and aligns the spine and bone structure. Chrysocolla trats arthritis, reoxygenates the blood, streghtens muscles and soothes pain. Turquoise also helps regenerate tissue, is anti-inflammatory, and strengthens the whole body. Rainbow Hematite introduces titanium and gold (these are used in the lab to create rainbow Hematite) which help boost up life force energy. Copper Plated Hematite introduces copper in the mix to help heal pain, reduce swelling and absorption of the minerals which is why I set the cuff in copper. Quartz amplifies the whole thing and brings the molecular cells into balance. I’ve done something similar before when I took a bad fall down stairs and the doc said I would be on crutches 6 months. The wrap I did around my cast reduced healing time 3 months. I was walking normally by the time the doc said I would be coming off crutches. #naturalhealing #crystalhealing #metaphysical #jewelry #healing #crystals #handmade

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About Johnna Sabri

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