I will never again use Fedex.

I run a small business and this is the third time I’ve had a package delivered with FedEx and each time I had this problem:

The courier is unable to deliver the package because I am not there.

No notice on the door (It was open as I WAS there). No phone calls. Nothing. They had my number. I made sure.

Except this time I had a customer waiting on the package. And $1000 was on the line. Needless to say the customer was not happy and I just took a huge loss.

Here is what happened this time to make me actually blog about this nightmare.

Two Fedex couriers did pass by and I spoke with them–they didn’t have the package. These guys come by all the time and know me. So I don’t get why I didn’t receive my package or why I have had this problem the previous times I’ve dealt with FedEx.

I placed an order for items and paid for a rush. The company I used was awesome and even gave me free shipping–so I am not stressing over the shipping.

However, I opened my store at 11 am and at 7 pm checked my tracking number to and found out that at 5:34 Fedex claims they tried to make a delivery and I was closed. I will have you all know security cameras do not lie and they are on my side.

So I called. Got a supervisor named Oscar who confirmed that there was no address then backtracked to no suite number and I know I put both down. He eventually just got tired of me ranting ($1000 on the line remember?) and hung up on me.

Then I got James who said he would make sure the package was delivered and I would get a confirmation call. Never happened so I called again only to find out I would get my package Monday–four days after I was supposed to get it.

Got Debra who was so apologetic she almost had me in tears with her apology. Was told the Irving facility would be open until 9pm and I would get a call when they locate my package.

So I called again at 8 to see what was going on and was told that the package had been at the facility since 5:34 and that the Irving facility closed at 8 not 9–this was Danielle. Then she denied saying that to me on the phone about the package being there.

Got Robbie who finally found my package although she had an attitude (I don’t blame her I was really angry remember the $1000 on the line?) and told me numerous times to calm down and not cut her off (she did find my package so kudos to her). My husband went to get it and was told he would have to wait in a very rude manner.

My husband is on his way home now with the package but the customer is long gone. I will still sell it in the store but this was a specific order that they personally picked out.

Needless to say I am done with FedEx and advise all of you to be cautious if you use them. Their customer service (can you call it that?) is horrid except Debra–she was the only genuine person out of the several I spoke to. If she was faking it then she deserves an Oscar.

Fedex, if you read this, then please take my advice. You need to do better.

1. Don’t hang up on customers.

2. Don’t tell us one thing then deny it acting as if we are lying.

3. Just deliver the package. Seriously, I am located 15 minutes away from your facility. If you don’t like delivering packages then you are in the wrong business. And if you can’t find me call me–I did call and speak with a guy named John and left my phone number and clear instructions for him to get to the driver–before 5:34.

4. Don’t tell me to calm down when I had a huge loss due to your incompetence. Seriously, you need to calm down and do your jobs.

5. You just lost a customer. I will never use you again. If a company only has you as an option then I will not use them either because you really do suck. If it’s the worlds rarest gemstone being given to me for free but I have to get it delivered via you guys, then I don’t want it.