Alex Boye Is More Than A Musician…

Alex Boye, if you don’t know who he is, is man with a voice so powerful it will give you chills. The good kind. His music is so empowering and is, in my opinion, is fueled by his love for life and happiness at being alive.

In all of his videos, you can see him just vibrating with joy. That energy reaches out to you and makes you want to move to it’s frequency. It makes you want to dance and sing with him (sorry neighbors!).

He is well known for his ‘Africanized’ works where he does Africanized covers of popular songs as well as his own songs. He’s even been on America’s Got Talent.

Before I tell you what type of mineral he would be, I am going to share with you the very first song of his that I heard. I was just turned on to Lindsey Sterling and discovered this song of hers with him in it. His voice captivated me ever since.



What Type Of Mineral Would Alex Boye Be?


Photo by Capistrano Mining

There is a certain mineral that comes to mind. It’s a mineral that goes from translucent to transparent feldspar and produces a bright metallic flash of light. It’s commonly known as Sunstone or heliolite.

Like the name suggests, Sunstone has that fire element vibe going on. It has that powerful solar energy feel that encourages you to take charge in aspects of your own life.

It’s also known a gem of creativity (most orange stones are and are associated with creativity and life force energy).

I’ve read some articles where ancient magicians once claimed it was a piece of the sun and was associated with the Phoenix. It’s also known as a gemstone of happiness that brings joy. Many say it helps alleviate depression. Even the Vikings are rumored to have traveled with them.


What Do Alex Boye and Sunstone Have In Common?

Photo Credit: All That Glitters


They both have this powerful energy about them that just reaches out and grabs you. His voice is strong like the energy of the sun, yet bright enough that you can’t look away. If you haven’t watched the video, do so and make sure you follow him on twitter (@AlexBoyeReal) as well as YouTube.


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