What is a lightworker?  To me, it’s someone out there spreading love and light.

Which is awesome, but we are all human and get caught up in our emotions at times.

I’ve had lightworkers and spiritual people tell me that I am too negative, especially when I talk about the racial divide in this country.  

But it has to be done.

Why Are You A Lightworker?

If you clean houses for a living, do you come home clean or dirty? Dirty? Why? You clean houses so you are supposed to be clean right? Never get dirty? As in Ever?

The same applies to a lightworker.

If you are spreading love and light, you must face the darkness to do so. And sometimes, you get dirty. This doesn’t mean you have to stay dirty. This means you bathed and keep on doing.

Most of those above statements come from the white lightworkers. In fact I’ve never had a black or nonwhite lightworker tell me that I am being negative when I talk about racial injustice in America.

So, yes, we are about to go deep into race and remember, I am speaking honestly here.

Race is a ‘dirty’ topic. And it’s time we cleaned up some issues. By clean, I mean I am going to lay down some facts, problems and challenge you to solve them.

I don’t mean you end racism, I mean you find out how to solve these issues in your life, because they are there.

Why Black People Are Angry

Ever heard of the angry black man? It’s a term to describe a black person who is upset. And many white people joke or say he has no right to be angry.

Why? Why do many white people feel a black man has no right to be angry?

White people here in America are taught racism from day one. Some are taught it boldy while others very subtlely.

Bold meaning your parents hated blacks. You were not allowed black friends and God forbid you date a black person.

Subtle meaning you think you aren’t racist but your actions say otherwise. You have a few black friends but don’t understand why Colin Kaepernick is protesting. You think you don’t have privilege because you worked hard all your life. You see a black person wearing a hoodie and immediately hug your child or purse closer. Of course, I do that when I see anyone–and you may also–but why?

Black People Are Angry And They Should Be.

I may be white, but I am an empath. I am able to understand why black people are angry because I chose to learn why.

Blacks are pissed because they are still seen as subhuman today. They are pissed because police are killing unarmed black citizens.

“But black people kill each other all the time?” you say.

ISIS sees us all as Americans. To them, Americans kill Americans all the time, so it’s okay to kill us?

And even if there is black on black crime, why does this make it right in many white people’s minds to kill an unarmed citizen.

“But he was a criminal” you say.

So what? What does that matter when according to 6th Amendment of the US, each criminal is innocent until proven guilty?

Let me repeat this. It’s in the Bill of Rights and it’s the 6th Amendment. The criminal is innocent until proven guilty meaning they have the legal right to a fair trial.

Not let the cop kill him because you think he’s bad.

What Is White Privilege?

White privilege is very real. It doesn’t mean that if you worked hard all your life, been homeless, lived in the ‘hood that you don’t have it if you are white.

Look, privilege has absolutely nothing to do with what you as a white person have been through. I have been homeless before. I’ve been sexually abused before. I’ve been broke before. I’ve been evicted many times. I have survived rape attempts.


I’ve had a gun put to my head before.


But I have never had to worry about a police officer targeting me because of my skin color. I never had to worry about the school system not wanting me to go to a particular school because of my race. I never had to worry about being watched while shopping. 

People look at me and they don’t think that I may shoot up a church, school, or more recently a casino hotel. Personally, I wouldn’t but many white people have. Mostly men.

Yet people see blacks are the ones with guns. Believe it or not a black person would have a harder time getting the licenses and access to all the heavy duty machine guns the Las Vegas shooter had. Why? Because of their race.

Why is it people look twice at a black person with a gun but not a white person?

Another example of white privilege is that you can dress ‘black” and not be labeled a thug. You can wear their cultural hairstyles but if they do it, they lose their jobs.

A friend of mine worked at walmart and she lost her job because she wore a natural hairstyle. She’s from the VI. I mean, she’s black.

Another example is a great job. A white person may have a high paying job where if a black person gets it, they are often questioned. As in, “ How did YOU get THAT job?”

Ever go shopping? If you are black, you have probably been monitored while in a store. Even if you are a paying customer. White people don’t have to worry about that.

A really great example of white privilege is terrorism.

White man shoots up a casino hotel? Aww we are so shocked! He was so trusting.  ISIS claimed they were behind the casino hotel attack but the FBI says not true. I mean, come on. If it were  a Muslim, it would already be on the news that ISIS was responsible even if they weren’t. 

But because a white guy did it, they are still investigating.

If a black person did it, then all the white racists would be thumping their bibles talking about lynching him.

White people have committed more terrorism than anyone if you count the slaughter of billions of Native Americans due to the Spanish (white people) Inquisition.

White privilege doesn’t mean you didn’t go through your struggles. It just means that you don’t have to worry about the same things that blacks and other nonwhites do.

Sure a black person has to pay rent, but you escape the double standards that are placed on them.


Is There A Solution?

Yes, there is, but it isn’t big. You can not change what other people think or how they act. The solution starts with us white people changing our perception of black people. 

Black people are humans just like us. They are Americans–well most of them in America. Some may be African or from other countries–but again they are still human and deserve to be treated as such.

The solution is your thinking. Change your perception about black people. Yes, the entertainment industry paints them as thugs and hoes, but instead of believing what you see, ask yourself, why?

There is a reason why they are being programmed this way. See the bigger picture.

“But I have black friends” you may say. Then honor those friendships by treating them as friends, not accessories.

Having a black friend isn’t a trend or accessory–a thing to show off to prove you don’t have privilege or are not a racist.

In fact treating them as an accessory is an act of racism. Black people are people. Human beings. Not things.

If you cut them, they will bleed. Honor your friendships by trying to understand what it’s like to be black in America.

You will never be black in America, never experience what they experience, but if you just open your heart and mind and show compassion and empathy, you will wake up to the fact that black people are being mistreated in America and yes, you as one single white person can make a difference just by changing how you see black people.

Be A Lightworker

Lightworkers are those who feel they are called to spread love and light. White lightworkers have the privilege of ignoring racial issues because it makes them uncomfortable to talk about.

Black lightworkers don’t have that luxury. They still have to face prejudice every day, being monitored while shopping, having to teach their kids how not to act around white people so they don’t draw unwanted attention.

Remember, it all starts with you and how you think. How you see them. And once you see them as you see yourself, you will see that there is no such thing as them and us. Because black people, like us white people, are human, too.

I challenge you to open your heart and see. I challenge you to get out there and spread love and light where it needs to be–not where you feel comfortable doing it.

About The Author

Johnna Crider Sabri is a jewelry designer who works with real crystals and gemstones.

She was taught her craft by Grammy Award Winning Guitarist, Daryl Thompson (son of Eli “Lucky” Thompson) who also set her on her path to the development of her individual gifts.

As an Empath, Johnna is able to sense the unique energy of each crystal she works with and design it in such a way that the style compliments the crystal.

Johnna has been designing wire wrap jewelry for 10 years (started in 2007) and is always tweaking her unique styles.

Her work has placed her on the paths of many who need more than jewelry and that’s what this blog is about: shining a positive beam of light into the world. Read her full bio here. 

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