Magic of the Now

Close your eyes and go deep within

Let the music carry you to the edge

And over

Softly as you embrace the deep waters

of your soul

Hear voices of purity echoing against the wind

Messages in a higher language

Purity and beauty that only your soul can know

Breathe in slowly as the shadows lenghten

Do not be of fear but of strength

As you face your inner demon

Who isn’t a demon at all, but a piece of you

That was broken off by hurt and agony

See past the darkness and know thyself

Embrace yourself in the magic of the now

Only you can choose healing for your soul.

Even God needs your permission so grant it

Open that door and believe

You are whole

You are loved

You are free

You are blessed

Breathe in and see with your eyes closed

Who you really are

Rise up and fly

And realize that every moment

Is a part of the magic of the now.

You are the magic of the now

Embrace yourself and be whole

Poem by Johnna Sabri, Photography by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

About The Author

Johnna Crider Sabri is a jewelry designer who works with real crystals and gemstones.

She was taught her craft by Grammy Award Winning Guitarist, Daryl Thompson (son of Eli “Lucky” Thompson) who also set her on her path to the development of her individual gifts.

As an Empath, Johnna is able to sense the unique energy of each crystal she works with and design it in such a way that the style compliments the crystal.

Johnna has been designing wire wrap jewelry for 10 years (started in 2007) and is always tweaking her unique styles.

Her work has placed her on the paths of many who need more than jewelry and that’s what this blog is about: shining a positive beam of light into the world. Read her full bio here. 

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