The Annunaki Have Returned To Earth To Rule…

Meet Aine Danann, a young woman who has unique gifts that enable her to communicate with the elements. Aine, a martial artist with several black belts, witnesses the brutal murders of her family while fighting back. She barely escapes with her life.

She gets placed into FBI protection and moves from her hometown of Portland, Maine all the way to Los Angeles where Nibiru City, the capital city of the Annunaki aka Nibiruan people where she seeks refuge and safety while trying to cope with survivors guilt and loss.

In Nibiru City, Aine has an encounter with a mysterious Nibiruan stranger whose dominating beauty and presence becomes too impossible to ignore. He becomes obsessed with her and knows she is hiding something. She starts to fall for him yet wants to protect him from the monster hunting her.

Her best friends join her and introduce her to new friends who are Nibiruan, and together they try to help Aine discover the identity of her mysterious suitor, come up with ways to help catch the serial killer and also help Aine hone in her martial arts skills.  The FBI also helps set Aine up with a job using her BFA in Fine Arts as a forensic artist with the LAPD and Aine plans to work with the FBI to help catch a serial killer.

Nibiruan Storm is an emotional read that brings romance, mystery, suspense together with a mix of science fiction and fantasy. It is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers or $0.99. Download Now