The Gem Diva’s Guide To Healing Crystals For On The Go Protection

Are you too busy to meditate? Do you miss meals because you simply do not have time to sit down and eat (much less meditate?). Do you feel drained, tired and exhausted all the time?

You need to take time for yourself and doing this is not as hard as it seems. Many people who are too busy to cook breakfast often either eat out or grab a shake with vitamins.

You can do the same thing for your mind, body and spirit. You need to protect your aura, chakras and well being especially if you work in a toxic environment.


A Guide For On The Go

10 Crystals

I go over 10 crystals that I keep on me at all times. I feel unsettled and ungrounded without my daily companions

2 Minute Chakra Cleanse

Need help balancing your chakras? I’ve included my quick and easy routine I use everywhere. This keeps me sane.

I AM Affirmations

I’ve included a list of my I AM mantras and affirmations that I use daily to help me stay focused throughout the day.

How To Use The Crystals & More

What You Get From This Guide

This guide is an ebook I published to help others who are pretty much going through what I am going through: nonstop business in this rat race we call life.

I am in transition. I’ve moved Texas to North Carolina, closed my brick and mortar store and met new family members on my husband’s side. We are both working odd jobs to save money and sometimes it’s hard to just sit down.

Even Mercury in Retrograde can’t keep me down (although not for lack of trying with the back up of the August Solar Eclipse).

We all know those bills won’t wait so we do what it takes to make it in life even it it means putting ourselves last.


Staying Calm In The Storm

This guide is my personal go to for my life now and I know while using the law of attraction and manifestation techniques (I Am affirmations) that I am on the right path for me. This is why I decided to share it with anyone who wants it.

Here Is What’s Inside Your Guide.


  • I am carrying 10 of my favorite crystals that keep me sane and help me through this transitional time of my life. In the guide, I share those crystals and what they do for you.
  • Each crystal can be used in the 2-3 minute meditation that is also in the guide and this meditation is so easy you will find yourself naturally doing this every day.
  • I also give a quick tip about essential oils and how to use them with crystals and aromatherapy jewelry. Essential oils will enhance your meditation and make you feel much better in the long run.
  • I also carry Orgonite because it emits life force energy and I quickly go over the benefits of this amazing energy.
  • Last but not least are my daily I AM mantras that I use during my meditation. I Am grateful. I am Divine and so on.

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