Dear Jack and Twitter,

I hope this letter get to you. In fact, I am sure it will. If Elon Musk can read (and share) my open letter to him, then I am sure you will see this too.

My main twitter account @JohnnaSabri has been shadowbanned. I know this because I have over 20K followers on that account and many have emailed me, tweeted me and messaged me asking me why I stopped tweeting.

I haven’t.

I noticed a new trend lately. I have to fill out captchas once or twice a week. Lately it’s becoming annoying. Yesterday, not only did I have to fill out several captchas (I think it was a total of 9 from both times), but you needed a phone verification.

In total since this has been going on, I’ve filled out multiple captchas, took a phone verification call and had several texts. I’ve even had two password changes. And when I finally got back in, my following (people I follow) was down to zero. I’ve reached out to Twitter support and got this message:



And when I clicked the link there were no forms to fill out except one and I didn’t qualify because my account was not suspended.


This would make people think I unfollowed them.

My jewelry business is pretty much my main source of income right now. So yes, I often tweet links to jewelry that I am selling, upload videos of my work and also tweet out blog posts.

Considering all the scam bots scamming people who follow Elon Musk, Kanye and even Donald Trump, one would think that would be your concern–not an artist trying to do her thing.

I have seen porn in my feed, and not to mention those Elon Musk ETH scam bots. Kanye West has them also. Not to mention ISIS (although I haven’t seen any of those but have heard about them on the news) and Nazis and racist hate groups thrive on Twitter.

I have been targeted by trolls myself. I’ve even had one try to impersonate my account. When I report them, I get the generic, “We are sorry but they don’t seem to be abusing the terms and conditions” message yet you guys want to shadowban my account?  When I uploaded my ID and did what you asked, the troll account had already been deleted. But I got this reply from you guys:



I tweet about rocks, minerals and pretty much to Elon (I am a fan of his.) Elon has even replied back to me a few times. But Elon isn’t the only verified account I tweet to. I tweet to William Shatner who has retweeted me a couple of times, and other celebs.

I am trying not to take this personally, and honestly it helps to know that I am not alone. I’ve had several people tell me they have gone through this and had to create new accounts. Fortunately I have another account for my jewelry. I just used my main one to promote it as well–it has way more followers than my jewelry account.

So, now that I have asked you the Why Me part, let’s try to solve this. How can we real users who use Twitter every day keep from getting shadow banned? You have the tech to target anyone who changes their names to Elon Musk, yet I have still seen several ETH scam accounts, but people like me get shadow banned.

I am willing to submit my ID for verification, however my legal last name is not my name on Twitter. My name, Johnna Sabri, is a brand name for my jewelry. I go by that name on all of my social media accounts. My website, can also be used as verification.

Also note, I think Twitter is awesome and love the platform. I just don’t like having my voice silenced for no reason.

My opinion is that the first step to solving this problem is for you to actually listen to those of us who use Twitter. After all, Jack, without us, you would be out of business. If you keep targeting real accounts instead of going after the fake ones, you may find Twitter going down the same path as Facebook.

Below are a few supportive tweets from friends and also a few tweets by people who know I am not a bot. Just in case you needed proof. If you need more proof that I am real, just verify my twitter account.




In Conclusion, I really hope that you get to read this letter, Jack, and that it motivates you to do something positive. Instead of focusing on artisans and regular people who use Twitter, focus on hate groups, terrorists, and scammers that thrive.




Johnna Sabri

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About the Author


Johnna Sabri is a mineral, gem and crystal collector and wire artist. She loves experimenting with different styles of wrapping and collecting gems and minerals. Her work has been modeled by GA State University students in one of their annual fashion shows.

Johnna has also served customers all around the world including Dubai, Finland, The Philippines, Australia, Canada, the UK, China, and Hong Kong as well as people in every US state.

She learned her craft from Grammy winning guitarist, Daryl Adonis Thompson, son of Eli “Lucky” Thompson, the saxophonist who played with Dizzy Gillespie and Isaac Hayes. Daryl was well known in the Little 5 Points Atlanta community as a master at his craft. Read more on Johnna here