A Quick Morning Energy Ritual To Energize You.

Are you feeling sluggish? Maybe in a creative block? Here is a quick remedy to put that pep back into your step.

My Orange Energizing Refresher

This is something you need to do when you start your day.

Start your day as usual. If you shower in the mornings then do this after your shower. If you shower at night then do this when you wake up.

First you want to drink a glass of water to wake up your digestive system and lower your blood pressure. You always need to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Next you will need Wild Orange essential oil (I have it or you can grab it from any Whole Foods) and Orange Calcite.

Simply dab a drop of the Wild Orange essential oil onto your palm and mix with a few drops of carrier oil (this stuff I have is super strong and pure).

Rub your hands together and cup them around your face. Take a slow deep breath in.

As you focus on your breathing cup one of you hands at the back of your neck and one at your stomach. Gently rub both areas and visualize a white ball of light entering both your solar plexus and throat chakras.

Next bring both palms to your heart (do this under your clothing–your body needs to absorb the oil) and rub your heart while visualizing a ball of white light entering your heart center.

Next put on some energizing music and grab an Orange Calcite. I recommend this type of music to get you going.

Orange Calcite instills joy and creativity. It has that zest for life and stimulates the sacral chakra. It brings balance to your creative energy, sexual healing (sexual energy is a form of creative energy as we need sex to bring life), and fires up your energy.

It helps clear out old energy and increases your motivation and drive. It also helps you to overcome fear and boosts positive energy. The Morning Kit below will get you on the right track.

Morning Kit

This kit comes with a chakra balancing bracelet, Orange Calcite, and Wild Orange essential oil I only have three of these available. You can get it for $39.

The bracelet and the Orange Calcite are both cleansed in my quartz singing bowl and are blessed by healing energy from me. You can pick it up in store or have it shipped. Click here to purchase.

Over To You.

Do you have a morning meditation ritual? What do you do to start your day right?