Pyrite: A Gem of Abundance

Pyrite is known for being a gem of abundance, prosperity, energy, life force energy, and protection against negativity.

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The Gem

Made with a cut and faceted Pyrite gemstone bead.

The Setting

Made with copper


Only 4 Available. Bracelet is adjustible

Custom Orders with Pyrite are available

Custom options are a bit different as they are tailored to meet your needs. You can choose the style, (pendant, ring, necklace or bracelet).

If you would like a gemstone, then the cost of the gemstone will be added to your order via invoice.

Please note that custom orders can take up to 2-3 weeks due to things like shipping (if you order platinum or white gold, I have those shipped in, or a gemstone that I have to order and have shipped) and the time it takes to create, finalize and send to you as well as depending on the season.

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