I have been the victim on online bullying by three people: Stacey Smith of Zentala, Ken Caperton and Michael Q. Todd. The first two are people I met and have tried to help.

I let Stacey sell her jewelry FOR FREE in the gallery I used to manage because at the time she and her family were homeless–or that was the story she told me. . When the gallery changed managers, the new manager wanted everyone to pay a percentage of their sales. Including Stacey. Stacey went on an online rampage and slandered my name.

She even had her 16 year old daughter’s boyfriend send me harassing messages on Facebook. Stacey is a Reiki Master, Empathic Healer and Ordained Minister. Someone who is supposed to be spiritual and good.

This was back in February. She also accused me of creating fake accounts to harass her with. When she backed off, I figured she just decided to leave me alone. Not the case at all.

Ken Caperton is an artist who I dealt with while managing the new gallery. When he tried to destroy my property and curse at me, I told him to take all of his art and leave that he is banned from the gallery. I also emailed my then superiors and mall security.

You see, Gallery AT Midtown was owned by Valley View Mall in Dallas, TX. All this happend back in April. In May, the mall closed the gallery and took the key from me. Billy York, the mall manager, told me he would deal with the artists. We were to get our stuff and leave. We decided to move to Houston–nothing was tying us to Dallas.

Then I started receiving nasty emails and texts from Ken accusing me of stealing his art. When I spoke to mall security, they said they didn’t know anything and couldn’t find the art. Well, Billy was supposed to deal with the art and artists and they took the keys from me on May 16.

Stacey and Ken decided to team up and according to the most recent comment on this particular post, Ken and Stacey are planning to kill me. Well, that’s Ken’s words, not mine. I’ve screen shot the comment along with Ken’s IP address which will link it back to his computer.

The third person involved is someone I met online and actually worked for. His name is Michael Q. Todd. I was his employee until he refused to pay us the last $1,000 he owed us (me and my husband) for our work. I wrote articles and blogs about tools and tech and my husband helped with graphics and video animation.

He was part of a group to create a cryptocurrency, Superior Coin. I am not sure what exactly happened but he had a huge falling out with the creator, Nathan Senn and then he started slandering Nathan and anyone who is friends with him.

I told Nathan my story and what happened and Michael started slandering me claiming that I have millions of dollars. I wish. I’d give it all away to the victims of Harvey if I had it

We  moved to North Carolina because my husband  took a great job. We love it here and I’m seeing all three of these really bad people try to team up and harm me. So I’m sharing everything they’ve ever said to me.


Evidence  Stacey Smith of Zentala  Harassing Me



This is her daughter’s boyfriend that she sent to harass me. If you are such a great reiki master and spiritual guru, you wouldn’t send people to be so nasty.

I remember when she was telling me how they were homeless and needed help, I helped her set up her Go Fund Me and tried to help her save money.

I even bought a green aventurine mala from her. When it broke, I asked her to repair it. Not only did she take it but didn’t refund my money. I paid $80 for that mala necklace.



This is her business page slandering my name. She eventually took it down. She accused me of creating fake facebook accounts. If those accounts are fake, it’s probably because she created them herself–my theory.


The “Girl!” from me was an old text from when we were friends. The “nice try” text she sent was random and I have no idea what that was about. Perhaps she’s losing her mind.

She was accusing me of harassing her. My theory was that she was trying to get me to communicate with her so she could say “see I told you Johnna is harassing me”

You can see more evidence of her harassment here. It’s not much and I hope she backs off. I thought when she backed off

Stacey and Ken Caperton


A friend of mine sent this screenshot–she has been helping me gather evidence actually. Now Stacey is saying that I also stole art and saying again that I created fake accounts to harass her. And she’s claiming she invoked Karma on me.

She did all of this because she was mad she had to start paying for her spot.


 Ken Caperton’s Threats.

I will start with the text messages first.

Please excuse the typos as I was emotional (the last week he accused me of turning on him and calling me a bitch)



Not only did I save these but I emailed them to the mall security and they banned him from the mall. He accused me of turning mall management against him. He also never came for his artwork and it was one piece so we took it from the showroom and put it on the shelf in the back.

Ken is claiming I have stolen his art. The mall has cameras. They would have to run them. If I did steal his art, the cameras would show me carrying the art and police would have a case against me. Also Security, not me, had the keys to the gallery. They are the ones responsible for the art. The keys were taken from me on May 16.

However, I have not been subpoenaed or contacted by the mall. I have contacted the mall, and told them the last place where his ONE piece of art he left behind was. They were unable to locate it. It was on a shelf in the back area.

Here’s the short version of what happened: The mall manager closed the gallery, took the key from me and told me security would be in charge of the gallery and the artists removing the art. He said we had one week to remove everything and that we had to go through security to get a key. So we packed our stuff and left.

I tried to explain this to Ken, but he claims I turned the mall management against him. Then in another statement he says that I didn’t tell anyone we were leaving for Houston. Actually, I informed several artists we were moving and they were wishing me well.

Nice guy, right? He’s even gotten people to ‘come after me’ including a realtor Candida Hernandez with JP and Associates Realtors. I left a review on her page asking her to take her false claims on mine down. Instead, she disabled her page. I even explained to her that the mall has cameras and you have to run them in any theft issue.



Candida’s review. Now, if you have solid proof I’ve stolen, why am I not arrested?

Her reasoning on jumping is is because she had art stolen before. She didn’t look over evidence. She just jumped in and slandered my name. I told her that the mall has cameras. Apparently these people don’t understand how cameras work. They record.

Her screen capture in the image is a shot of her review. She also added these other screen shots in different parts of the conversation.


And you can see she was trying to be clever and trick me into admitting something I did not do. Nice try.

Ken has been trying to get my home address so he can come and get me. And he is very serious about it, too.

That’s him and a few of his friends trying to get my address. The best they could come up with was my website where Ken came and left this comment on one of my posts.

Then Michael Q. Todd decided to jump in:

He says “We will hunt your down” among other things.

Then Ken left another comment. He was really clever enough not to use his real email (FALSE!) Yeah, he used his real email to post this and it shows his IP address, too. In it, he claims that 1. he got his art back and 2 he and Stacey are going to kill me. You can also see the actual comment at the bottom of this post.


You can see more evidence of Ken’s harassment, my official statement, emails to and from the mall management all here.


Michael Q. Todd.


His real name is Michael John Todd and I worked with him on Crowdify and Web Tools Wiki for almost 2 years. Short version: he didn’t want to pay us for our last week’s work so we quit.

All was quiet for two years then boom: big fight with Nathan Senn, Superior Coin and now I am suddenly a freakin millionaire.

Yup. MQT is accusing me and 11 others of stealing $1.7M. LOL. You need a paper trail to prove that one and my bank account doesn’t have that. News flash: If I were to have stolen millions, I would disappear on everyone.

Anyway, he found Ken’s post and commented about how he’s with you man and told me he’s gonna hunt me down. When you find me Michael, don’t forget the money you owe me. Cash and in $1s and $5s because I don’t trust you not to send me a counterfeit $20 bill.

Basically he claimed that we never worked for him–only he gave us gifts to help us out. The truth was he was trying to get us to move to a city with no cars. This is America. There is no such thing. When he realized he couldn’t con us, he stopped paying so we quit working.

That’s a shot of the post accusing me.

Another thing one of these bullies did, and I suspect Michael Q Todd of this because he’s great at making pages is they created a facebook page called Johnna Sabri Scammer. I’ve reported it and so have several others, but these fuckers just won’t stop.


What Happened Toe Make Us Quit Crowdify:

Michael Q. Todd was pressuring us to get rid of our car because he thought it would be easier on the planet. While working for him, we were having financial difficulties due to having to have car repairs. Living in Dallas required a car, unlike living in Atlanta.

He was trying to convince us to move and we estimated we needed $1000 total for either a move or to cover our rent. I invoiced him for our last pay which totaled the $1000. Michael not only didn’t pay, but we wound up getting locked out of ur apartment and evicted because he didn’t pay us. When we told him this, he told my husband that he never hired us that all the money he paid us for work was to be considered a gift. That we were never employees.

Now here he is commenting on  this blog post saying that he fired us. How can you fire us if we were never employees? He is saying he has a lot of screenshots of us begging for money for car repairs–no we were invoicing you  to pay us for work we have done so we can live our life.

He also accused me of telling people he sent a mass Linked In message to that he was a spammer when in fact he sent every one of his contacts a message and they all wrote me back asking who I was.

I simply told them whoever sent you the message was probably spamming you–and that I had no clue who any of yall were. So yeah, I guess I did say he spammed them but at the time didn’t know he was the one sending the message.



He was also accusing me of hacking his account and I didn’t. Now here is a screenshot of a screenshot of him saying to my husband that we never worked for him. Right now I don’t have the original screenshot but you can clearly see where he said “all the money was a gift”


And here is a screenshot of him begging me to come back to work for him at Crowdify. For someone who claims they fired me, they sure seemed desperate.


I never responded to those and now here is his lovely comment (that is also on this blog post) claiming he fired me.


Now he says he has a lot of screenshots of our conversation and he has threatened to go public with them several times. We were in a tough financial crisis when we worked for him and we did confide in him because at the time we thought he was our friend.

Here is a screenshot of some of that conversation.

After that he called us and was on the phone with us for hours trying to convince us to move to a better city. He said he would give us the money as payment in advance for our work to help us move to a better city that required little transportation. Atlanta was what I had in mind because it’s super easy to navigate but the money never came and we worked two full weeks after that conversation.

Then he claimed that he didn’t have the money to pay us and over the phone he tried to get us to work for him for free. So we told him point blank that we don’t work for free and since you don’t want to pay us we quit. Do not contact us again.



My Silence Was Not Weakness; It Was Mercy.


And now I’m fresh out of mercy.

Look, people. I just wanted to live and let live, but yall won’t leave me alone. So now I’m publishing this. Stacey, love those orgonite pyramids you’re doing great. Yeah, I kept up with you. I honestly admire your work and cared about you as a friend. And you used me. I wasn’t even going to publish your part in this until I saw you jumping in on that false accusation claiming you tried to tell people I am an art thief.

Even though you sent a child after me and used your business name to attempt to discredit me, told customers not to buy from  me (yeah they told me that) I forgive you because in the end, life is short and you’re 50 which is too old for that kind of drama. I wish you nothing but success.

And honestly, you ruined that child’s good name by sending him after me like that. Now he will probably have to live with being known as a bully for the rest of his life. These images won’t go away. You should have just left me alone.

Ken, I don’t have your art. I hope you do find it though. My advice: keep going to VV Mall and nagging them. I didn’t own the gallery–just managed it. The only art I have is the anniversary portrait Rebecca did for my husband and me. Oh, and stop the false accusations. Please, just leave me in peace.

Michael, you need help. Seriously. And honestly, keep the $1000 you owe us, you may need it to pay mental hospital bills on the off chance you realize you do need help.  As Stacey likes to say, Karma is a bitch. She’s really not, Karma is cool as fuck in my book.

Also, if any of you keep attempting to contact me, please note that I will be documenting everything. The easier thing to to is just back off and leave me the fuck alone.

It’s not hard to do, really. Just. Stop. What you are doing is bullying and I don’t like bullies. So please, save yourselves the trouble and just leave me alone.

These people are celebrating the fact that I lost thousands of dollars worth of stuff during the Hurricane Harvey disaster. I had a store in Houston and even though we moved to North Carolina–we were supposed to get the rest of our stuff this weekend. Saying Karma is a bitch and using a national disaster as a way to make me feel sad is really despicable.

How can you be in the spiritual healing industry and yet, celebrate people losing their stuff, Stacey? And when I asked for donations, Ken, it wasn’t for me. If you would have taken the time to actually READ you would have understood that there are several agencies that are taking donations for those who lost everything.

I was one of the lucky ones and I am very grateful to even be alive and that my family is safe.